The Central New England Region is composed of clubs and riding centers covering Central Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine.

What is Pony Club?

Pony Club is one of the leading junior equestrian organizations in the world, represented throughout 30 countries! The United States has over 600 individual Clubs spread throughout 50 states and the Virgin Islands, with more than 12,000 members.

Instruction and Competition

Pony Club provides opportunities for instruction and competition in English riding, horse sports and horse management for children and young adults up to 25 years of age. The term "pony" reflects the age of the members, rather than the size of the mount. Horses and ponies of many different breeds, shapes, and sizes are seen in Pony Club activities.

It is not necessary for a child to own a horse or pony, but they must have access to one when required. Programs are offered in dressage, eventing, show jumping, mounted games, tetrathlon, quiz, vaulting, foxhunting, and polocrosse.

During "unmounted" meetings members learn about feeding, shoeing, veterinary care, and other areas of horse management. Under adult supervision, the more experienced Pony Club members instruct and assist younger members.

Pony Club members are encouraged to work their way through the progressive stages of the Standards of Proficiency, which test knowledge and riding ability. Pony Club members who attain the B, H-A, and A rating levels meet standards of competence that are recognized throughout the horse world.


Pony Club members join as unrated members and advance through various levels of ratings. The ratings cover horse management, knowledge, and proficiency in all phases of riding and horse care.

Membership is open to all riders under age 25. Age is determined as of January 1 of the current calendar year.

Riders should be able to walk and trot independently. Dues are charged annually.

For more information, please send email to Iris Realmuto, CNER Webmaster.

Parent's Role

Parents are a vital part of the organization, and are encouraged to participate in all club activities! There are many areas in which parents are needed. They may share one of many roles such as Club leader, chaperone, jump judge, or assist in activity events and set-up.


USPC is committed to safety. It is a membership requirement that Pony Club members wear a riding helmet meeting the ASTM/SEI standard when attending mounted meetings. Parents should be prepared to purchase this item and the minimum basic riding equipment, such as jodhpurs, boots, etc.