2008 Championships

Teams - See overall results.

CNE Junior D Quiz Team

Lauren Moffat
Gina Koss-Stephany
Amanda Debellis
Zoe Michas


  • 5th Overall (out of 25 teams)

CNE Senior D Quiz Team

Alyson Werth
Kendra Elliston
Rachel Ehlers
Lilli Chalfant


  • 14th Overall (out of 25 teams)

CNE/Deep South/Great Lakes Junior C Quiz Team

Carolyn Drover


  • 1st Overall (out of 5 teams)

CNE/Delmarva Senior C Quiz Team

Anne Dietterich
Kylie Harrigan


  • 5th Overall (out of 5 teams)

CNE/Capital Beginner Novice Eventing Team

Laura O'Donnell
Katie Platt


  • 6th Overall (out of 12 teams)
  • 7th in Horse Management (out of 12 teams)

CNE/New Jersey Novice Eventing Team

Becky Renner (SM)


  • 2nd in Horse Management (out of 7 teams)

CNE/Delmarva/Rio Grande Training Eventing Team

Jordan Litter


  • 6th Overall (out of 7 teams)
  • 5th in Horse Management (out of 7 teams)

CNE Novice Girls Tetrathalon Team

Alaska Akbar
Kelly Doyle


  • 1st Overall (out of 13 teams)
  • 5th in Horse Management (out of 13 teams)
  • Alaska - 1st Overall (out of 25 competitors)
  • Kelly - 2nd Overall (out of 25 competitors)

CNE Jr. Games Team

Kelsey Bjornson
Sarah Brem
Katie Field
Taylor Field
Hannah Salmon


  • 6th Overall (out of 11 teams)
  • 10th in Horse Management (out of 11 teams)

CNE Sr. Games Team

Bryn Oliver
Hope Davis
Margot Popecki
Molly McPhee
Annie Seymour


  • 12th Overall (out of 13 teams)
  • 8th in Horse Management (out of 13 teams)

Championship Paperwork

Other information regarding Championship Qualifications, coaching, fees, etc may be found in the Regional Policies <cneponyclub.org>, in the Gold Book, a USPC National Publication, online at www.ponyclub.org and in the Championship section of each discipline rule book.

Direct questions to Regional Championship Chair: Lelo Reeves-Curtis shepleyhill@comcast.net.

Please put CNE Champs Question in subject line to ensure that your important champs correspondence is not lost or deleted.

A complete entry application includes the following: (forms may be obtained online at http://ponyclub.org

Volunteers are always needed. Although not mandatory-, we encourage you to complete the Volunteer form (also found at www.ponyclub.org)

Please send paperwork to: Lelo Reeves 128 North St Groton, MA 01450

Mandatory Championship Prep

Pot Luck BBQ at Nashoba Ski Area on July ?.

2008 Championships Forms

Championships Hints and Handouts

Championships 2008 Qualifying Age & Rating

Championships 2008 Qualifiying Age & Rating


Lelo Reeves
128 North St
Groton, MA 01450

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