2009 Championships

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CNE Junior D Quiz Team

Zoe Michas
Meredith Long
Katie Helliwell
Melissa Menard


  • 8th Overall (out of 24 teams)

CNE Senior D Quiz Team

Gina Koss-Stephany
Amy Tellier
Caroline Kielar
Phoebe LaMont


  • 5th Overall (out of 18 teams)

Alaska/CNE/Delmarva Junior C/H-B/B Quiz Team

Paige Belliveau


  • 2nd Overall (out of 4 teams)

Midwest/VA/CNE Senior C/H-B/B Quiz Team

Alyson Werth


  • 3th Overall (out of 3 teams)

CNE/Midsouth Beginner Novice Eventing Team

Kelly Doyle
Elizabeth Clark
Kira McElvery (SM)


  • 1st Overall (out of 10 teams)
  • 1st in Horse Management (out of 10 teams)

CNE/NYUC/Sunshine/South/Metropolitan Training Eventing Team

Carolyn Drover (SM)


  • 5th in Horse Management (out of 6 teams)

CNE/New Jersey/TriState Developing Rider Show Jumping Team

Rachel Comeau
Alaska Akbar


  • 4th Overall (out of 15 teams)
  • 10th in Horse Management (out of 15 teams)

CNE Novice Girls Tetrathalon Team

Emily Doyle


  • 1st Overall (out of 3 teams)
  • 1st (tie) in Horse Management (out of 3 teams)
  • Emily - 1st Overall (out of 3 competitors)

CNE Jr. Games Team - The Things

Mollie Mello
Tori Scholtz
Chantel Sheldon
Olivia Fam
McKayla Fowler


  • 6th Overall (out of 7 teams)
  • 7th in Horse Management (out of 7 teams)

CNE Sr. Games Team - Firecrackers

Faith Potorski
Kelsey Bjornson
Paige Koning
Brittany Taylor
Lauren Moffat


  • 7th Overall (out of 8 teams)
  • 2nd in Horse Management (out of 8 teams)

CNE Training Level Dressage Team

Lauren Atherton
Carly Seale
Hanna Salmon
Margot Popecki
Emily Hayden-Pless (SM)


  • 3th Overall (out of 12 teams)
  • 4th in Horse Management (out of 12 teams)

Championship Paperwork

Other information regarding Championship Qualifications, coaching, fees, etc may be found in the Regional Policies <cneponyclub.org>, in the Gold Book, a USPC National Publication, online at www.ponyclub.org and in the Championship section of each discipline rule book.

Direct questions to Regional Championship Chair: Lelo Reeves-Curtis shepleyhill@comcast.net.

Please put CNE Champs Question in subject line to ensure that your important champs correspondence is not lost or deleted.

A complete entry application includes the following: (forms may be obtained online at http://ponyclub.org

Volunteers are always needed. Although not mandatory-, we encourage you to complete the Volunteer form (also found at www.ponyclub.org)

Please send paperwork to: Lelo Reeves 128 North St Groton, MA 01450

Mandatory Championship Prep

At Nashoba Ski Area on July 15 at 6PM.

Championships Hints and Handouts

Championships 2009 Qualifying Age & Rating

Championships 2009 Qualifiying Age & Rating


Lelo Reeves
128 North St
Groton, MA 01450

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