2010 Championships

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CNE Junior D Quiz Team

Ava Nadeau
Jillian Nelson
Kyra Collins
Emily Koss-Stephany


  • 1st Overall (out of 23 teams)

CNE Senior D Quiz Team

Gina Koss-Stephany
Isabelle Cloutier
Maddy Carey
Nicole Kula


  • 1st Overall (out of 17 teams)

Maryland/CNE Junior C/B Quiz Team

Holly Sullivan


  • 2 Overall (out of 3 teams)

Deep South/CNE/Northeast/South Developing Horse Show Jumping Team

Erica Comeau


  • 5th Overall (out of 16 teams)
  • 14th in Horse Management (out of 16 teams)

CNE Sr. Games Team - Sand Dollar Swingers

Lauren Moffat
Hannah Salmon
Abby Concannon
Michelle Silverio
Samantha Baer


  • 5th Overall (out of 6 teams)
  • 4th in Horse Management (out of 6 teams)
  • 6 Exceeds Standards in HM

CNE Advanced Games Team - Shockwave

Aly Werth
Adrienne Beerman
Liza Dawley
Rachel Ehlers
Caroline Kielar


  • 4 Overall (out of 7 teams)
  • 1st in Horse Management (out of 5 teams)
  • 7 Exceeds Standards in HM

CNE Intermediate Girls Tetrathalon Team

Paige Beliveau


  • ? Overall (out of ?teams)
  • ? in Horse Management (out of ? teams)
  • 12th Overall (out of 25 competitors)

Championships Hints and Handouts


Lelo Reeves
128 North St
Groton, MA 01450

Last updated on 08/10/2010.