2012 Championships

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CNE Junior D Quiz Team

Annie Metz (Team Captain)
Serena Limberg Madeleine Herrick
Ashley Diener


  • 5th Overall (out of 23 teams)

CNE Senior D Quiz Team

Adrianna Fetterman (Team Captain)
Whitney Kivley
Emily Nitzsche


  • 11th Overall (out of 11 teams)

Cap‍ital/Carolina/Central ‍New ‍Eng‍land/New Jersey/Sunshine Show Jumping-Regular Team

Ema Klugman
Virginia Pinkston
Alison Ware (Stable Manager)
Kelsey Stevens
Anne Kearley


  • 1st Overall (out of 2 teams)
  • 1st in Horse Management (out of 2 teams)

Sunshine/Old ‍Dominion/Central ‍New ‍England Show Jumping-Developing Horse/Rider Team

Maya Wentz
Sandra Thomas
Sarah Stott (Stable Manager)
Madeleine Ix
Samantha Carr


  • 8th Overall (out of 12 teams)
  • 12th in Horse Management (out of 12 teams)

CNE Senior Games Team

Oliva Ross (Captain)
Robyn Stix
Jordan Brofsky
Meredith Long


  • 3rd Overall (out of 6 teams)
  • 2nd in Horse Management (out of 6 teams)

CNE Advanced Games Team

Bethany Hryniewich (Captain)
Isabella Caruso
Kylie Thomas
Adrienne Beerman


  • 2nd Overall (out of 2 teams)
  • 1st in Horse Management (out of 2 teams)

CNE Training Level Dressage Team

Samantha Baer (Captain)
Caroline Kielar
Maia Dinsmore
Alyson Werth (Stable Manager)


  • 9th Overall (out of 9 teams)
  • 3rd in Horse Management (out of 9 teams)

Championships Hints and Handouts


Lelo Reeves
128 North St
Groton, MA 01450

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