CNE Mini-Scoop --- June 2, 2003

1.  The Memorial Day weekend was the date for the Upper Level Camp at Kingsbury Hill.  Deb Maietta and Louise Hara masterfully organized that camp for 18 B and up candidates.  Cookie Zwicker manned the home fires, which if you recall the cold, rainy weather, were really needed.  And the food was yummy, of course.  Thank you Deb, Louise and Audrey, as well as our wonderful clinicians for providing a good program, great teaching and good food.   

2.  This past weekend saw two CNE events.  The 2nd C3 Camp was held at Kingsbury Hill, with 8 C3 candidates.  Do you remember the weather Sunday?  Pouring rain and cold.  But the kids and clinicians held up well, and a lot of good learning took place.  Many, many thanks to Tammy Erickson who organized both C3 camps and spent 2 weekends "bunking" in with Audrey, chef extraordinaire.  Betsey Reeves, Sara Adams, and Sue Winslade were our clinicians.  Thanks to them for great teaching!

3.  Finally  Games rally was held on Sunday, June 1 (in the POURING RAIN) at Topsfield Fairgrounds.
 It was a splendidly fun inter-regional rally, with 11 teams from White Mountain, Southeastern New England, and CNE.  Luckily, the games were held indoors, and all the ponies were accommodated in the stabling area throughout the day.   Betty Staten and the Rockingham folks and Belinda Barbas and Overlook parents organized a rally that ran like clockwork and seemed to be fun for all, including the volunteers and spectators.  When the games were done, The Turbo Turtles (Rockingham) and the CNE Hoppers (Rockingham/Groton/Overlook) were the Senior and Junior overall winners, respectively, and qualified to attend Championships in Virginia.  Some of the riders and ponies looked incredibly excellent; in fact the spectators were treated to Championship performances by several of the teams.   Results are posted on the CNE website, thanks to Iris Realmuto.  Many, many thanks go to Rockingham and Overlook and everyone who helped make the rally such a very good one, under deplorable conditions.

4. As many of you know, Katherine S. (Pegasus) qualified for the Inter-Pacific Exchange; a team of 5 US riders, a coach and a chaperone that traveled to Australia in mid-May.  They toured the country, and then competed against teams from Japan, Australia, Canada and New Zealand in a terrific Show Jumping contest (on borrowed horses), and brought home the NATIONS CUP!!  Katherine's brief letter follows:

"Well I would like to be the first to inform you all that the nations cup has landed in the hands of the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all rode extremely well and ended on 8 penalty points, 2 members had double clears, i had a rail and a clear, another had a clear and a rail.  The Aussies got second with 12 points, Japan got third, New Zealand got fourth and Canada got fifth.

It rained on and off all day.  We where very happy that our track suits are water proof.

When i get home i will scan pics and send them on to you all.  I have many stories to tell and can't wait to tell them!!!  Katherine"

Way to go, Katherine!!  We're proud of you!!!

5.  Finally, the following notice about the Irish Fox Hunting Exchange appeared on the RS Digest last week.   This should be a blast!

International Fox Hunting Exchange Opportunity
The Irish Pony Club has extended an invitation to the USPC, Canadian PC and
Pony Club UK, for a Fox Hunting exchange to take place in Ireland in late
November.  The hunting will take place from Dublin to Waterford.
Participants from Ireland who participated in last year’s US Exchange will
be the host families.  Participation in this exchange will be open to USPC
members rated C3 and higher.  Participants must have strong hunting
experience (preferred to have earned colors or buttons) and a letter of
recommendation from the MFH of their regular hunt.

Applications for this exchange will be available soon from the Activities
Department at the USPC National Office.  Contact Wayne Quarles by email  or phone 859-254-7669.

6.  Well, that's all the news for now, folks.  Hope to see some of you at Dressage Rally, if not sooner.