The following forms can be found on the USPC Rulebook page.


Health and Maintenance Record Book
Health and Maintenance Record Book Guide
Horse Management Rulebook

Horse Management Sheets

Evaluation Forms

Assistant HM Judge Evaluation Form
Chief HM Judge Evaluation Form
Competitor/Team Evaluation Form (HM)
Rally Organizer's Evaluation Form
Regional Supervisor's Rally Evaluation Form
Mentor CHMJ Evaluation Form

Equipment Checklists

Required Equipment Checklist, 1-Day Rallies
Required Equipment Checklist, Overnight Rallies

Formal Inspections

HM: Formal Inspection

Other Forms

HMO Annual Report
Chief HM Judge Application
HM First Check, Set-Up and Safety
HM Daily Sheet
HM Polocrosse Daily Sheet
HM Cross-Country Day Sheet
Work Sheet for Finish of Cross Country Test
HM Master Sheet
HM Safety Check Sheet
HM Turn-Back Sheet

Lesson Plans

Developing Lesson Plans to Teach Horse Management by Sue Rollins


How To Set Up A Tack Room