Mission Statement

Junior Board of the Central New England Region of the United States Pony Club strives to support all members of Pony Club in order to help them achieve their personal goals, inside and outside of the horse community. As upper level members of the CNE region, we maintain ourselves as role models for the pony club community by representing integrity, horsemanship, service to others, and leadership.

Our goals include:

  • Including the voice of youth Pony Club members during the CNE regional council meetings, from all clubs of CNE.
  • Providing a friendly environment that supports all Pony Club Members in seeking certifications, participating in rallies, attending Championships, and more.
  • Completing community service projects to assist the riding community with a particular focus on giving back to those who support us such as rally venues.
  • Offering land conservation opportunities for those going on to the upper level certifications.
  • Promote Pony Club to more of the horse community.
  • Bringing together the upper level members of the CNE region to make a group of positive and influential role models.
  • Raising money for scholarships that would allow members to attend pony club events such as:
    • Championships
    • Annual Meeting
    • Rallies
    • Clinics

Officer Requirements

General member requirements: All members must be either: at least 16 years old or be at least a C-1 in HM. The DC will need to write a letter of recommendation stating that they are members in good standing and committed to participating in the junior board. New members will write a brief statement of interest.

Responsibilities include:

  • Attending 2⁄3 of board meetings
  • Taking part in group activities
  • Giving input in group discussions

Notes: Junior board members should be an upstanding part of society. All members should be kind and positive role models to the Pony Club world.

President(s): All presidential candidates must be at least 16 years old and be at least a C-2 in HM. Additionally, they will be required to deliver a small speech to the Board explaining why they are a good fit for the role and they must be elected to the position. Please note that candidates planning to leave for college during their term will forfeit their position to the current Vice President once they begin attending their school. The presidential term will be one year long, and re-elections will be held every year.

Responsibilities include:

  • Leading the group.
  • Setting goals for their term and organizing committees.
  • Setting dates for board meetings.
  • Working together with other members and officers to achieve goals.
  • Collaborating with outside parties to arrange community service or land conservation.
  • Attending 3⁄4 of the board meetings, and all organized activities.
  • Sending or organizing a monthly email, informing members of upcoming board events, meetings, and community service opportunities.

Notes: The President should be a strong leader who is enthusiastic about Pony Club and the Junior Board. This person should also be a positive role model to other members of Pony Club and they should show commitment to the board.